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For over 50 years, The Donkey Sanctuary have worked to transform the lives of donkeys across the world.

Donkeys have been a cornerstone in human existence and they still prop up entire communities today, ferrying water, food and crops. They are highly intelligent creatures, sociable and calm, capable of independent thinking and decision making. They are strong and won’t do something they consider unsafe, which makes them a great, trusted companion. In short, they're amazing!

There are over 44 million donkeys worldwide and sadly so many are subjected to neglect and abuse, overworked and left in agony.

Funded entirely through donations, The Donkey Sanctuary provide lifesaving veterinary care, training for vets and education for current and future donkey owners. They deliver donkey-assisted therapy to support children and adults with special educational needs and those suffering from chronic illness and offer sanctuary to donkeys who have been neglected, abused and abandoned. 

THE DELI Inflight


Each time you purchase one of our glorious Cruidités boards, we will donate 5% of the value to The Donkey Sanctuary.

We fully support the amazing work they do and look forward to sharing more news with you here.


Michelle rehomed Dougal back in 2013 when he was just a year old, extremely wary of humans and spent most of his time standing in the corner of the paddock, looking sad...


With lots of time (hours and hours each day) and incredible patience, Michelle eventually gained Dougal's trust and they've been the best of friends ever since.

Dougal is a different donkey now from that sad boy he was when he first arrived and it's been an incredibly emotional journey to watch.


He has relaxed so well into his new life and is adored by everyone he meets. So much so that he makes regular guest appearances at the local church and also has a starring role in the Palm Sunday parade and Christmas nativity!

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