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Straight from the beehive, The London Honey Co. delicate Summer Honeycomb is a delicious treat: pure honey in its most natural state.


So delicious in fact that we use this on our grazing boards!


British Summer Honeycomb is a selection of the best honeycomb from The London Honey Co. beehives and trusted beekeepers, from the wild flower pastures of the Salisbury Plain to the coastal flora of Kent.


Indulgent honeycomb portions are carefully hand-cut from full frames before being individually packed.


  • Current comb is from: Salisbury Plain, UK

    The Salisbury chalk downlands are special, containing one of the largest expanses of wildflowers in Europe. Bees visit vipers bugloss, sweet clover, sainfoin and the yellow melilot, giving the honey its distinctive golden colour.

  • 170g

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